The ball is starting to roll!

lots of exciting things are happening…
show sunday night at limelight in nashville… doors open around 6:30 and i’ll be on around 8. if you’re able to make it by please stop by and say hi! i’ll be playing several new songs of which i’m very proud!

new album going to the studio… i’ve finished all the writing for the new album and it’s time for production. the boys of studio930 are coming together once again to put together an ep of songs that will blow away my first album and i can’t wait to share it with you! there’s also some other bonus features** that are going to be available with this new album so be sure you keep your ears open for more information.

relaunch of the blog… turns out that procrastination gets to even the best of us (actually i don’t fit in that category. i procrastinate all the time.), but i’ve decided that i have a lot of things to share with you and 140 characters on twitter just doesn’t cut it. so if you’re feeling explorative feel free to drop by! there’s not a whole lot up yet but i’ll be posting a lot more over the next few weeks to come.

peace and love,

“never sneak up on a man who’s been in a chemical fire”

**i can tell you this. the bonus features may perhaps possibly include working with the guys of open view cinema



so now that i’m graduated from college i’ve decided that there’s no reason i shouldn’t blog more often. the past couple months have been a lot of fun. i’ve spent much of my time writing for the next album i’m going to release. also, i’ve been searching for houses so that me and the boys of studio930 can move to as an upgrade.

this past week has been a lot of fun. i went back to my house in jackson to visit with my sisters, bro-in-laws, nieces, and nephew! my sister summer, her husband (virgil), and their two little girls (ashlynn and emma) came up from mississippi while my other sister shannon, her husband (sheldon), and their little boy (gage) came down all the way from south dakota! needless to say we’re so spread out that we rarely see each other anymore.

sheldon is a huge do-it-yourself kind of guy (he works a farm and raises goats). well he built a game called “cowboy golf.” imagine a mix of horseshoes and corn hole. all the kids just laughed and screamed every time the rope wrapped around one of the ladder rungs. although i was pretty bad at it. i played probably 10 games and won one. i may have to build one for myself just so i can challenge him next time i visit. it’s on sheldon!

here’s picture of the game (it’s also called ladder ball).

i also plan to be blogging a lot more. i’ll try to connect you all with other cool blogs, music, videos, arts, and sports. i’ll also keep you updated on all the music i’ll be working on here over the next few weeks!


Behind the Song: Don’t Wake the Dead

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17.  When we come into a relationship with Christ we find that we die to our old selves and are born new.  This new life is lived in the overwhelming transformation of Christ’s love.

Originally “Don’t Wake the Dead” was just a melody and guitar progression that had been sitting around for nearly 6 months when finally I put two and two together.  I had a poem that I wrote for one of my classes titled “Old Friend, I buried my world today” written in the style of a Shakespearean sonnet that seemed to fit the style perfectly.  I just changed up the lyrics a bit to better fit a song.  Here you go:


Old Friend, I buried my world today.
Good ridden. ‘Tis better to rot beneath clay
Than have a corpse follow me round.
The dead weight would drag me down
As I uselessly attempted to carry it along.
The thoughts and memories just didn’t belong
In a world so new – Love and Joy shouldn’t be
Tainted by this pessimistic view. For the Free
Don’t carry the Dead, and the Buried don’t cry
Up Old Woes upon the Living. Just as the Light
Cannot be overcome by the Dark, so the Dead
CANNOT defeat the Living. Instead,

Old Friend, I died to Myself today,
And I laid Me down in the grave.
My Friend, this is where You will stay.

Hello world!

This post is the first of many to come.  In this blog I’ll share with you all of my likes and dislikes, thoughts, and music updates.  To start off I thought I’d just give you a little bit of an insight to my life.

I’m a senior on my final semester at Belmont University and I can not wait to be graduated.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Belmont, but the thought of life with no more papers, quizzes, and tests just sounds way too awesome.  I’ve spent most of my time at Belmont writing.  I majored in Songwriting and minored in Creative Writing, so it seems like every week I have something new to write about, but I love it.

Music is my greatest passion.  I consider myself a fan of nearly all music, but am particularly fond of Indie Rock, Folk, and Singer/Songwriter.  Most of my influences come from these genres, such as: Sleeping At Last, Lovedrug, Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, and Future of Forestry just to name a few.  Some more mainstream bands that have been a major influences are bands like Coldplay, Muse, U2, Kings of Leon, and Radiohead, but probably the most influential/inspirational songwriter and band in my life has been Jon Foreman and Switchfoot.

I first started playing guitar late in my high school career.  I don’t think the late start put me too far behind the game just because when I did finally get into music I played hours on end.  I started out playing in a worship band called Mercy Driven.  We mostly played around local churches and camps.  Once I got to college I began working on my writing and recently released my first album, Venture, and am currently working towards my second.

So let’s move beyond music.  What else do I like?  Sports.  Every kind of sport you can think of.  Football and college basketball are my favorites!  Belmont Bruins Basketball, Tennessee Titans, and the Tennessee Volunteers Football.  These are the greatest teams to have ever existed.  If you disagree with me it’s probably best to keep it to yourself.  😉  I also love to go spelunking, rock climbing, any kind of water sport, snowboarding… basically if you can think of it, then I’ve probably participated in it.  Except I’m not very good at skateboarding.  I try to play lots of basketball and flag football to keep active.  Now that I’m getting older I need to be sure to take care of my figure.  If you ever want to play a game up pick-up just let me know and I’ll be there!

Music is my passion and my job.  Sports is my hobby and what entertains me most.  What do I live for?  I live for my love, my God.  I came into a relationship with God when I was just eight years old, and it was the greatest decision of my life.  He has been my guidance when I am wayward, my hope when hopeless, and has shown me more love than I can even comprehend.  He has been a Father to me.  I hope to live my life for Him.  I want to glorify him through my works, my actions, my passion, job, and hobbies.  I simply want the whole world to know the same love that He as shown to me.  If you ever want to talk more about this, feel free to shoot me an email and I’d be more than happy to share more of my story with you.

So that’s me in a nutshell, Cooper Brown.  I’ll be posting more as time goes by so I’d like to invite you to check in from time to time so you can get even more of an insight to me and my music.  Check out my Facebook page to find my music and I hope you enjoy!