“When you first opened up your eyes the world was big and bright”

When you first opened up your eyes the world was big and bright

Giant peaceful beasts roamed free in an earth so full of light

Your fantasies grandiose and your dreams bigger than life

Every waking moment was new like an eternal sunrise


Then one day, your finger pricked, you saw the blood and the universe dimmed

You learned that dreams are just daydreams and perfection is as fleeting as the wind


Yet in a courageous and optimistic fight you scale the mountainside,

Find beauty in the snow – such innocence – a wonder seen with child-like eyes

Imperfect lines soon lead to love, such a longing satisfied

Your naive heart bursting with joy like fireworks in the night sky


Then emptiness filling up your home, you find yourself alone

A nauseating numbness creeping in… could this be the end

Like porcelain you break – a million tiny pieces shatter and begin to descend

Fractures pervade your soul like vines on a wall too tall to ascend


But through a crack… I see a light…

It is faint yet familiar… warm… and bright.

It is my hope… a candle flickering, pushing back against the night

My tragedy will not define… though my lungs collapsed, still I fight


And now I realize…

Not every crack is meant to be understood

I can’t un-break my heart

But I know that God is good.

 – Cooper Brown

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