“Enter the Wilderness”

Hey cooperthefam! Cooperthejoe here to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  So 2016 has been a pretty busy year… show after show we’ve been gaining new ground and reaching out to new hearts and it’s been an honor to meet and play for you. We have played in some new places and have also seen some familiar faces. (I’m talking about you Mckenzie fam!). From local shows like Parsons and Paris, TN to travel gigs like Fort Wayne, IN. Oh, did we forget to mention? Coopertheband played at Sweetwater! (Insert excited scream here). There has been a fair share of goofiness and goodies (mainly a plethora of fried Oreos), and we are making lots of friends along the way. We’ve also been writing and although it hasn’t been easy, it has been a blast and the we’re cranking out lots of new tunes. Maybe you’ve heard a song or two at one of our shows?

Also, side note. I would like to recognize our Keyboard player Patricia (formerly Taylor) Rhodes. As you may know, she has tied the knot with an incredible (and super handsome) man, Spencer (sorry fella’s). We wish her and her husband the best of luck as they enter their new life journey.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing much of Trish in upcoming endeavors, as she will be on an extended hiatus while her new husband is in med school. Speaking of the future, we have BIG plans for the new year so please stay tuned! We’re talking new merch, a new album (maybe 2?), and PLENTY of shenanigans. Come by one of our shows sometime to hear new music. It’s a new season, we’re running through new territory, and representing his kingdom. We are now entering the wilderness. Come join us on the adventure.


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