Mercy!  It’s cold outside!  I definitely wore three jackets in to work today.  And an update to thaw your hearts… we’re reviving the blog!  We now have seven new songs in preparation for the new album and I couldn’t be more excited and proud.  Phoebe is auditioning for the voice this weekend.  Joe and I have been writing every weekend.  Batman has been declared our official sound guy (aka Robert Paul, or RP).  Patricia Taylor is a new face that you will all soon know and love (she totally bribed us for official member status with homemade chocolate chip scones).  And Matt and Will got stuck in a pocket groove and have merged as one entity… I can no longer tell them apart.  So they are now known as Mill Kwammonds.

One of my favorite new songs we have written is called “Mercy!”  It talks about how we often make tons of mistakes that lead us to places we never thought we would be.  But there is a grace that gives us second chances.  It redeems us and restores us. So..

“Come with me my brothers, sing a rebel song / Sisters and our mothers / We will dance tonight inside our homes / Because mercy we need saving / These wounds are growing deep / A savior walks among us / There is hallowed ground beneath our feet.”


p.s…. things I love right now!

  • Mill Kwammonds’ new @alclair ears (like seriously I’m jealous)
  • Star Wars (my mom and I FINALLY got to go see it) IMG_1523
  •  Cards against humanity (may result in excessive jazz hands)

p.p.s…. #cooperhatesspaces (coming soon…)

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