“More Than You Could Know”

Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

Let’s rethink love. This is what I said to myself when I wanted to write the album “Kings.” Like most people, all throughout my life I have been looking for proof that there is love.  As I got older I have come to understand that there is love everywhere I look. There is love in the sunrise and the sunset.  There is love in new beginnings and there’s love in the end. There is even love in what we think is absence of love.  I see God‘s creation, and that is love.  All I ever need to do in order to see love is look around me.  A great amount of love has been spent on every soul that has walked by me today.  Each and every person — molded by God to be uniquely beautiful, and it is sad that we are too blinded by the world’s standards to see it.  We look in the mirror, yet we don’t see exceptional beauty.  We walk around and instead of God’s creation we see things like shapes and sizes… not souls.  The truth is we are good enough for God.

In the song “More Than You Could Know” I am trying to restore some of that truth.  We are worthy of love, and we are beautiful.  Writing this song was an eye opener for me.  I had to really think about what love is to me, and what does it mean to be loved by God.  I thought about my life, the people in it, and the blessings I have received. I know I am not worthy of it, but somehow God has given them all to me… He tells me that I am worthy.  So, what can I do? I cannot possibly do anything to repay or deserve these blessings.  All I can do is say “I am blessed. I am loved. I am restored, and God has made me good enough for this.”

God’s love has no boundaries, has no limits and no end. It is wider and deeper than the ocean, and it cannot be explained neither by angels, nor by saints. It is a great abundant love that forgives all failures and restores life itself.  And every day when I wake up, I try to take that in because it is all that I can do. I do not try to fight it, nor challenge it. I just look in the mirror, and say: “I am good enough.” then I stand up and spend my day living it.

A big help in understanding this truth are my parents. I have been watching my parents show love for each other in various ways, and this made me understand that love doesn’t always mean happiness or good times.  Sometimes it means sacrifices and investing in your loved one.  1 Corinthians 13:7-6 says “Love bears ALL things, believes ALL things, hopes ALL things, endures ALL things.  Love never fails.”

You do not have to be big and tall to be great.  You don’t have to do anything in order to deserve God’s love because there isn’t anything that will make you worthy of such love, but yet He declares us worthy; it is there and it is yours.  David, the smallest, the youngest and the most insignificant in his family has been chosen to be great. Maybe he wasn’t good enough for the world, but he sure was good enough for God.  So, on the days when I feel like I have failed and that I am not good enough, I look in the mirror and say “I am David.”

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