ringer t.

how can i describe the band ringer t to you?  folk-rock amazingness.

ringer t recently released their long overdue album, “sorry verses.”  it’s their second full length album, their first was “hello, goodbye.

Sorry Verses

"sorry verses"

“sorry verses” is chocked full of lyrics and melodies that will stay in your head for days, but they’ll make you smile each time you start humming one of their songs.  their influences range from paul simon, bob dylan, and wilco to tyler james.  it’s very much a folk pop album that will leave you wanting more satisfied yet wanting more, so you just hit repeat.

i’ve had the great pleasure of becoming best friends with the guitarist and producer for the band, kyle schonewill, over the past four years.  through him i was able to meet the rest of the band: grant geertsma (songwriter, acoustic, vocals), kris schonewill (bass), and justin dewaard (drums).  but i’ll let them introduce themselves to you because they word their bio so much more eloquently than i ever could:

“Ringer T is a collection of good friends and band mates from around the country. Ringer T’s members reside in Seattle, WA, Nashville, TN, Upland, IN, and Holland, MI.  The band’s influence comes purely from their shared life-long obsession with playing and listening to music.  Kyle is a multi-talented audio guru for “Studio 930” in Nashville, TN, as well as an absolute boss on the electric guitar. Justin brutalizes the drum set with hands made of flame and steel. Kris slaps the bass with a sense of groove that Michael Jackson could only hope to muster. Grant plays the acoustic and sings so sweet that even the most beautiful of birds feel unworthy to sing along. Ringer T is fully prepared to blow off your face with a mix of all those that have made music before us. Please enjoy.”

ringer t.

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