daniella mason.

hey everyone!

i wanted to introduce you all to some more amazing new talent:  daniella mason.

i first met daniella in my first year seminar class at belmont and it was immediately obvious that her sheer passion for music was going to get her places (the fact that she has an absolutely stunning voice definitely helped).  well, she just recently released her first full length album and i love it.

the style is primarily pop but it definitely has some strong elements of soul, jazz, and i would even say folk.  it’s a very interesting and refreshingly new mixture of sounds.  something really cool that i recently discovered was that each of the songs were written in a different location across the world, from africa all the way to ecuador.

daniella grew up traveling the world on mission trips and this music reflects that.  it reveals her passion of sharing love to everyone around the world.  in her words she said, “it basically outlines my life and my desire to be thrown, not gently tossed, but thrown around the world so that i can reach as many people as possible.”

the album is available on itunes and you can check her out on facebook too to see where she will be playing.

"Throw Me Round The World"

"Throw Me Round The World"

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