start of a new project.

so today is the day that we begin something that i’ve been working towards for the past year and a half.  i first got the idea for it back in march 2010.  i was sitting at my desk, interning at emi christian music group and had run out of things to work on, so i just started reading my bible.  i was feeling a bit nostalgic because my first cd, venture, was coming to an end.  i remember asking myself several times if this was the end. i didn’t have any more song ideas and i couldn’t imagine coming up with anymore.  i was actually nervous about finishing the project and not having any more ideas to keep doing music, the thing i love most in this world.

i opened up my bible and began flipping through, reading old notes and bits of passages here and there.  i stopped for a moment and just asked God to give me a vision and a mission.  if He has called me to write music, then give me something to write about.  give me the idea and let me proclaim it, shout it from the rooftops, tell the world all about it!  then i flipped to 1 samuel 1 and began reading.  the words leapt off the page in ways that i had never experienced before.  as i read, i was on an emotional roller coaster ride with the story and i could visualize it in my head.  there, i felt more confident than ever before that i had my next project.  i had a story to write… the story of David.

the project is entitled ‘The David Project’, and my mission has become this: “remind people of the relevancy of the bible.”  people so often discount relating to these stories just because they’re from the bible and they’re “old.”  yet, i had felt such a strong connection with this story that i simply had to find a way to share this experience.  God began opening my mind to find creative and cool ways to tell the story.  it’s packed full of love, hate, passion, fear… a songwriter’s dream!

today we started recording it, and i can’t contain my excitement anymore!  i’ve never been more confident in an undertaking.  i’ll post again with a more in depth look at the project and how it will play out, but first off i just wanted to share my excitement.  i hope that this project will be for you the same it has been for me.

drum set up - tracking day

Tracking Day 1 - Drums

my heart is confident in you, O God;

my heart is confident.

no wonder i can sing your praises!

wake up, my heart!

wake up, O lyre and harp!

i will wake the dawn with my song.

i will thank you, Lord, among all the people.

i will sing your praises among the nations.

for your unfailing love is as high as the heavens.

your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

be exalted, O God, above the highest heavens.

may your glory shine over all the earth.

psalm 57:7-11

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