so now that i’m graduated from college i’ve decided that there’s no reason i shouldn’t blog more often. the past couple months have been a lot of fun. i’ve spent much of my time writing for the next album i’m going to release. also, i’ve been searching for houses so that me and the boys of studio930 can move to as an upgrade.

this past week has been a lot of fun. i went back to my house in jackson to visit with my sisters, bro-in-laws, nieces, and nephew! my sister summer, her husband (virgil), and their two little girls (ashlynn and emma) came up from mississippi while my other sister shannon, her husband (sheldon), and their little boy (gage) came down all the way from south dakota! needless to say we’re so spread out that we rarely see each other anymore.

sheldon is a huge do-it-yourself kind of guy (he works a farm and raises goats). well he built a game called “cowboy golf.” imagine a mix of horseshoes and corn hole. all the kids just laughed and screamed every time the rope wrapped around one of the ladder rungs. although i was pretty bad at it. i played probably 10 games and won one. i may have to build one for myself just so i can challenge him next time i visit. it’s on sheldon!

here’s picture of the game (it’s also called ladder ball).

i also plan to be blogging a lot more. i’ll try to connect you all with other cool blogs, music, videos, arts, and sports. i’ll also keep you updated on all the music i’ll be working on here over the next few weeks!


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